About us

Chalúpky (Cottages) in Predná Hora may offer stylish accommodation surrounded by the enchanting environment of Muránska planina. The traditional cottages are built of wood and clay. The outer skeleton of the cottage is made of solid wood. The surface of the wood is smooth and the colour has been corrected by the sun and wind. The original roof is made of larch wood. The cottages are surrounded by the woods giving visitors an impression that time has stopped here a long time ago.

The interior of the cottage has the original clay plaster and wooden ceiling. Downstairs is a spacious dayroom furnished with a big couch, an armchair, a pouf and a solid table. The furniture is made of the solid brushed oak wood giving an antique impression. The floor downstairs is tiled and the rooms are heated with the underfloor heating.

In the room downstairs there is a small bathroom with a toilet and shower. It is possible to turn on the red lightning in this room in order to create an intimate atmosphere. The dayroom is disposed with a kitchen area. The kitchen is equipped with an induction cooker, a kettle, a microwave and a fridge. The cupboards hold the dishes and cookware, glasses and mugs for up to 5 persons. Above the fireplace is situated a Smart TV Samsung- full HD with a satellite reception of a 100 channels. The Wi-Fi connection is complementary.

In each cottage there is a life-sized painting on the wall in a folk style made by a local artist.

The simple solid staircase leads to the attic and to the master bedroom with a king sized bed (240x200cm). Next to the master bedroom is a kid´s bedroom with two beds one is 150x200 cm and the other is 110x200cm. Both beds are situated in the corners of the room providing a maximum utilization of the room space. In the cottage number 3 and 5 there is a 200x200 cm bed instead of the original 150x200 cm. The beds are unique brushed solid wood pieces they don´t squeak and they are very durable.

The attic walls are panelled with wood. The building is very well isolated and it fulfils all the norms of a low-energy dwelling.